Personalised Meditations
Personalised Meditations

Personalised Meditations

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A personally tailored meditation can be created to increase your productivity, creativity or focus or it can reduce feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed.

Personalised meditations are no nonsense, no music, no bells, and no need to visualise anything, simple guided meditations.  


  • A 10 minute one-on-one chat about what you'd like your meditation to focus on
  • Up to 20 minute guided meditation (depending on your needs)


  • Can increase your confidence
  • Can help you achieve your specific goals
  • Can help you sleep better
  • Can help with overcoming tasks you keep putting off
  • Can help overcome specific areas causing you anxiety
  • Enhancing the feeling of being alive!!
  • Can boost your creativity
  • Great way to learn meditation

 The Process

  • You pay a deposit of $10 and say how you'd like me to make contact with you.  Include your contact details and best times for me to contact you 
  • We chat about whys and hows for this meditation 
  • You're notified when the meditation is completed (usually 5 -7 days)
  • You pay the outstanding balance
  • Your Personalised Meditation is emailed to you in Mp3 format
  • Click here to learn to learn more about personalised meditation vs counselling/therapy