Hexagonal Breathing Meditation Timer

Hexagonal Breathing Meditation Timer



4 – 5 minute Breathing Meditation Timers. Concentrate on deep and regular breaths for just a few minutes to help prepare you for a meeting or calm you down after one. Focus on the dripping of the coloured beads. This will give you enough time to clear your busy mind so you can clearly concentrate on the job at hand. Timers may vary a little in duration depending on temperature. AVAILABLE IN YELLOW, RED, BLUE, YELLOW

PRICE: $10.95 each / $9.95 each for 3-5 / $8.95 each for 6+

Postage and Packing Charges (within Australia)

$5  (1-2 timers ), $10  (2 – 5 timers), $15  (6 -10 timers)