Personalised Meditation Explained

Meditation and seeking out a counsellor/therapist are both things that we do in order to have a more fulfilling life without being held back by repercussions of past experiences or fears of new ones.

The difference is that therapy usually involves analysing the mind and talking about experiences, whereas meditation is not about analysing or thinking or talking.

It’s quite possible that analysis and rehashing of particular experiences might actually solidify them internally making them harder to escape. Meditation is more about quietening the brain and freeing it from excessive analysis or thinking. It is about clearing a space.

Once we’re in this clear space we are able to feel more grounded, centred and in control. We are then able to use our energy and mental focus to achieve more in a given day.

Studies have proven that regularly meditating makes your brain undergo physical restructuring that improves processing and literally paves the way for new ways of thinking.

So why not give it a go?

Personalised Meditations

My personalised meditations are no nonsense, no music, no bells, and no need to visualise anything, simple guided meditations.

They are ideal for beginners because they can be so short. From 4 to 20 minutes only. And on a topic of your choosing!


1) The Problem: Judgemental thoughts

I know an animator who found himself, during the middle of his working day, having judgemental thoughts. Although he acknowledged these thoughts and put them out of his mind, he found they kept returning.

The Solution: a 5 minute meditation for when the thoughts come up

As soon as he would notice a judgemental thought come into his mind he would stop and listen to the meditation and then resume his work. He found he was able to work without distraction for much longer periods.  And if the noticed them come back he would listen to his meditation again.

2) A young woman wanted a meditation she could listen to when she was out walking with her dog.  This way she could stop her mind from overthinking and concentrate on enjoying quality time.

3) Another person found it hard to get out of bed in the morning, she felt a bit paralysed about where to start. She listens to her meditation before she gets up and now she just bounces out of bed and gets on with her day.

 4) Someone else became very anxious about taking driving lessons. Her meditation helped to make her feel far more comfortable before going out in the car and also while sitting in the car. She has found it a game changer for her.