I was introduced to ‘focusing’, a deep mindfulness practice developed by Eugene Gendlin, in 2008.  At this time I was grieving for my mother who passed away earlier that year. Focusing greatly helped me to deal with the pain and grief that I was feeling. Then in 2011 I lost three more close family members unexpectedly and again I used focusing as a resource to help me deal with the pain, shock and loss

I have a son who was experiencing anxiety and depression as a teenager and I was looking for ways to help him. He tried focusing but it did not seem to suit him. It was then that I looked into meditation and mindfulness and learned how easy this was to do and get instant results.

I was so excited I wanted to spread the word and to try and teach the younger generation these skills as a way of equipping them for their complex future paths. I was passionate then and I am passionate now as someone who wants to teach and spread the word of how good mindfulness and meditation are.

Initially I developed my first product as a resource to use when teaching mindfulness in schools. Then I realised that these Mindful Moments Cards could be used by almost anyone from couples, teenagers, parents, grandparents in fact anyone could use them.

I went on the most enjoyable and incredible journey developing these cards which I am so proud of, especially as I had the privilege of talking with indigenous elders in developing the Desert Pea cards. These cards are part of the 50 card deck and are meant to be outdoor guided meditations based on the 80,000 mindfulness practise still adopted by our indigenous community across this country.

I am slowly developing more products as I believe there is a need more now than ever for resources to help keep our minds in a healthy place.