Surviving at Home Together during Covid19

Posted by Mindful Products on April 23, 2020  /   no comment

We are all finding ourselves in a very different situation due to COVID-19. Many of us are stuck at home in a confined space with limited contact with a number of people we see.If nothing else it is so boring seeing the same person or people day after day after day.We yearn in for something […]

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Mindful Marketing

Posted by Mindful Products on June 16, 2019  /   no comment

Yesterday I was working on my business plan. Reviewing it to see if I was staying on track. After a bit of tweaking I decided that perhaps in the next few months or so I should try and concentrate on targeting work from the corporate sector. This is a daunting task. Recently however, I was […]

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An anchor for meditators

Posted by Mindful Products on May 05, 2018  /   no comment

Whether you’re new to meditation or have been practising for years you will know that the mind is always able, and willing, to interrupt. I used to believe that people who’ve been meditating for 10 or 20 years had it nailed, no problems with the monkey mind…but I had it wrong. I was underestimating the […]

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A Drive For More Mindfuness

Posted by Mindful Products on February 28, 2018  /   no comment

It is possible to drive mindfully.  By that I mean that you can drive and try and keep your mind focused on the present at the same time. Not exactly meditate but be in the present moment. Often I try and analyse what has gone on during my day when I am behind the wheel. […]

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Not What It Was

Posted by Mindful Products on January 26, 2018  /   no comment

I was reflecting this morning on our national day in Australia today –  26 January. Years ago I would have friends come around to celebrate and we would all enjoy being Australian and celebrating in an Australian way.   However, in recent years, the plight of indigenous Australians has increasingly come to light and how […]

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Whatever floats your boat…

Posted by Mindful Products on November 28, 2017  /   no comment

For the first time I held a market stall at the weekend in a coastal village where the demographic was wide and varied. Groups of different people drifted by. There were pregnant women who had been to a yoga class, followed by a group of older lycra clad women who had also been to some […]

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