I’m not long out of bed and I just heard an interesting story on the radio. I wasn’t totally clear on the entire situation but some person had been asked to write and talk about their experience of living at home during lockdown.

The upshot was that they became completely stuck on what to write. There were so many things that had changed in their world and it was hard to know where to start.

It seemed to become increasingly hard to figure out a starting point.  Should she talk about her work? Her dog? Her relationship with her partner? The list was endless and the deadline was looming.

The weight of this simple task was starting to be felt physically in her body, she felt heaviness in her neck and shoulders.

And then the producer of the program asked if she could write about one particular flower in her garden. Well of course she could, that was easy.

So she moved from a place of feeling stuck to one akin to a flowing waterfall where all her creativity was able to be released with a clear direction to follow.

The announcer on the radio then brought a similar story about her own experience to light. She is a cello player in an orchestra and was talking about the preparation for a performance with a famous violinist. 

There was a performance a couple of hours later that afternoon and the violinist said they needed to practice before hand. It was a very complex piece he had to play and needed 10 minutes or so to practice. The cellist wanted to observe this great player practising.

The ten minutes turned into an hour and the thing that amazed the cellist was that he only practised the same few notes over and over during this time. This was such a complex piece yet he was only focusing on these few notes playing them over and over again.

And here it was again a great complex task ahead reduced to something very simple and manageable that allowed the process to flow. Perhaps the real difficulty lies in choosing where or what to start on.

Something that often helps me to start is clearing my mind through meditation.  It’s like ripping off a new sheet of paper or opening up a new document... it all lies ahead of you ready to start afresh.

Another little thing that helps is remembering that now is the time to start that project and we can always do with a friendly reminder about that!

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