Hello From The New Me!!

I’ve been teaching a group of students who’re wanting to start their own businesses and we had our last day together on Friday. It’s been quite a challenging course and the number of students dropped by 50% by the end of the two week course. The good thing about this was, the smaller the group, the more attention everyone got. Including, surprisingly, me!

Before I knew it, it felt like I was a student in the class. The dynamic was changing.  And that was a wonderful thing. I learnt so much because we were all able to connect in a heartfelt way, on common ground.

This turn of events led to me FINALLY feeling like I’ve found my own voice!! And to think I have been shying away from it all this time.

The funny thing about my newly discovered voice is it’s been there all along staring at me, waiting to be recognised. I’ve been too frightened to listen to it let alone embrace it even though it’s an integral part of me.   

I’ve known it as a part that I often feel embarrassed by. But also it’s a part of me that some people find refreshing. They like the fact that I am frank and honest. They like the way I say it like it is.

Sometimes I get fooled by people when they ask me for my honest opinion. I try to protect myself and them by asking “Do you really want me to be honest?” And when they say yes, I am honest. Sometimes this comes back and slaps me in the face. Some people are not willing or ready to hear the truth. 

My new Instagram name, thenobullmeditator, says it like it is. I love the fact that when you say this out loud you get a different meaning. No bull sounds just like noble.  Not that I see myself as anyway being noble, but I just love the double entendre.

I was talking to my son, a graphic designer, about my new branding. He didn’t seem too keen and said no one will ever be able to find me because of the confusion about no bull and noble. And I said the only people who will find me are those who want to, in which case it doesn’t really matter. HA!