Dealing with Difficult Customers and Button Pushers in General

Although I’ve called this post ‘Dealing with Difficult Customers’ it’s really about dealing with anyone whose interaction with you feels difficult. It’s to do with how to manage talking to someone who pushes your buttons.

I'm focusing on the customer angle as I've been teaching customer service to new business owners recently and i think it's really REALLY important to manage your relationships with your customers effectively.

But back to topic - we all have that certain someone in our life who manages to push our buttons when we are with them. They get us worked up. They know the right things to say to do this.

What it actually feels like is that this person is actually DOING something to us. There seems to be an intention behind what they say and do to us. They are purposefully winding us up.

In class last week one of my students told me how she deals with such situations. She takes a psychological step back and recognises that the person she is talking to may have a different value system to hers. She sees that she is in fact trying to push her value system on to them.  This awareness then changes the whole dynamic between them.

What she is doing is creating space between the comments and actions of the person she is dealing with. Most likely this is by taking in a deep breath.  This breath allows her to reassess the situation and act less reactively.

So in the heat of the moment it is a prudent thing to stop and take in a deep breath (or two)!!  Or if she had 3 minutes then she could follow one of my short step-by-step meditations to reframe her mind Then hopefully the outcome will be much improved on what it could have been.