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Mindfully Daydreaming

Learn an easy technique to adopt to add to your list of mindful activities.  It's a bit like daydreaming. When used in the right way you can see so much more around you and really explore the present moment richly and more fully.

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Dealing with Difficult Customers and Button Pushers in General

But back to topic - we all have that certain someone in our life who manages to push our buttons when we are with them. They get us worked up. They know the right things to say to do this. What it actually feels like is that this person is actually DOING something to us. There seems to be an intention behind what they say and do to us. They are purposefully winding us up.

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Hello From The New Me!!

I’ve been teaching a group of students who’re wanting to start their own businesses and we had our last day together on Friday. It’s been quite a challenging course and the number of students dropped by 50% by the end of the two week course. The good thing about this was, the smaller the group, the more attention everyone got. Including, surprisingly, me! Before I knew it, it felt like I was a student in the class. The dynamic was changing.  And that was a wonderful thing. I learnt so much because we were all able to connect in a heartfelt way, on common ground. This turn of events led to me FINALLY feeling like I’ve found my own voice!!...

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