Surviving at Home Together during Covid19

Posted by Mindful Products on April 23, 2020  /   Posted in Uncategorized

We are all finding ourselves in a very different situation due to COVID-19. Many of us are stuck at home in a confined space with limited contact with a number of people we see.If nothing else it is so boring seeing the same person or people day after day after day.We yearn in for something different.

It is so difficult to manage this pandemic which will affect everyone mentally in someway or another.  So we need to get a bit creative about how we do things just to mix it up a bit.We also need to escape many of the catastrophic thoughts that try to invade our thinking throughout the day.Otherwise we will be driven mad.

Perhaps you could consider buying a deck of mindful moments cards and sharing in an activity with other people in your household. The cards are really easy to follow and surprisingly enough they give you a great relief from the very overbusy minds that we tend to have.


The great thing about these cards is you can do them by yourself, or if you prefer record them on your phone to listen any time anywhere. Perhaps you could listen to them when you’re going for a walk or getting your daily exercise. The other good thing is that they are a good bonding exercise that can be shared.The benefits of a more relaxed mind can also be shared with in your household making it a much more pleasant environment in which to be.








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