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Yesterday I was working on my business plan. Reviewing it to see if I was staying on track. After a bit of tweaking I decided that perhaps in the next few months or so I should try and concentrate on targeting work from the corporate sector. This is a daunting task.

Recently however, I was awarded the status of a Genuine Industry Expert by one of my employers.  Now it felt like this new mantle was something I could hide behind as I knocked upon these monolithic corporate front doors that so often terrorise smaller businesses. Not only was I an ‘expert” but I was also ‘genuine’!

Why am I doing this you may ask? Well I’m hoping to bring more mindfulness into the world and to create more mindful workplaces. So I have started by making a list of offerings for senior management that all involve in mindfulness.

So what’s the next step? Marketing!  Unfortunately at times it feels that marketing and mindfulness are paradoxes.  If you want to market yourself well you need to push yourself out there, whereas mindfulness is anything but pushing anything anywhere.

What I am hoping to do is to market myself In a less aggressive and more mindful way. Choosing my words carefully and trying to get a sense of the more authentic me. Being genuine about how I truly believe my services can help those working in the corporate sphere.

I will try to avoid marketing jargon so often used when targeting corporates like “bottom line”, ”results” and “success”  and use a different language that pertains to honesty, authenticity and meaning.

But firstly I must remember that I don’t belong to the corporate community so I cannot reach out to them (or be accepted more easily by them) as a fellow community member.  I am reaching out as an outsider trying to coming in.

My mantle of a Genuine Industry Expert will only get me so far… I believe what is best off for me is to start by taking a few well nourished mindful moments out to see what I really believe I can offer and come in in more genuine way.

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