A Drive For More Mindfuness

Posted by Mindful Products on February 28, 2018  /   Posted in Uncategorized

It is possible to drive mindfully.  By that I mean that you can drive and try and keep your mind focused on the present at the same time. Not exactly meditate but be in the present moment.

Often I try and analyse what has gone on during my day when I am behind the wheel. Sometimes this leads me to getting angry or annoyed and what I really want is to leave this crappy part of my day behind me.

Today I put mindful driving to the test as I had a 50 minute drive after work to get to the motel where I’m staying tonight.  On the drive my mind was particularly busy because I have been teaching students a crash course. (Not in driving I’m glad to say.) And because of this I was worried I may have left out some critical information that I should have told the students. It’s often difficult deciding what to leave in and what to take out.

So in order to stop my busy mind and enjoy the beautiful drive I told myself I needed to be mindful for at least 10 minutes. I checked my watch and tried very hard to concentrate on being in the present moment just for 10 minutes.

I noticed how dry the country side was, and how many farms I passed on the way. I noticed tractors churning up dust and the wind carrying it away in upward spirals.  I forgot about what I left out in the classroom and I enjoyed the drive. I was still able to pay attention to the road as I drove and my whole headspace changed as a result.

I suspect this type of driving would be even more beneficial in the peak hour in a big city when the stress of the traffic can compound the leftover of a busy day .

Why not give it a go….it only costs 10 mins!

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