Not What It Was

Posted by Mindful Products on January 26, 2018  /   Posted in Uncategorized

I was reflecting this morning on our national day in Australia today –  26 January. Years ago I would have friends come around to celebrate and we would all enjoy being Australian and celebrating in an Australian way.


However, in recent years, the plight of indigenous Australians has increasingly come to light and how they have suffered from 26 January 1788 (and for many years to follow) by the onset of colonial rule.


I no longer feel like celebrating being an Australian on this day, in fact I feel quite embarrassed about the whole thing.

“Australia Day” as it was will never be the same although the opportunity to celebrate being an Australian may find another way to enter into our culture without causing offence.


I now see 26 January as a day of remembering indigenous Australians who lost their land and lives. I see it also as a day of recognition of a culture whose mindful generosity knows no bounds.

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