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For the first time I held a market stall at the weekend in a coastal village where the demographic was wide and varied. Groups of different people drifted by. There were pregnant women who had been to a yoga class, followed by a group of older lycra clad women who had also been to some exercise classes. There were well-to-do holidaymakers as well as casually dressed locals in family groups.


All the stall holders were complaining that there weren’t many people buying. They were trying not to discourage me by saying that usually the market is very popular at this time of year. It was true there were not many people buying, but people did stop to have a bit of a chat. The nice thing about this is you do feel like you are able to make more of a connection with people.


Some shy primary school children stopped and surveyed my stall. I asked them whether they were learning mindfulness at school – which they were and they enjoyed it. That was nice to hear. They also mentioned that it was all App based mindfulness even though, one of the young girls said, their teachers didn’t like them using their phones.


So I took the opportunity to I give them a flyer and asked her to show it to their teacher in the event that they might want to have something to encourage kids to practice mindfulness that was not App based. It is great to see the range of mindfulness product and Apps available and really it is just a matter of choosing whatever is right for you.

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